Sweet Bonanza 1000 & Sweet Bonanza: Daily Cash Drops [USD]

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Promotion Period: 5th June 2024 06:00 PM - 30th June 2024 05:59 PM (GMT+8) (“Promotion Period”).

How it works?

  1. You can win up to 1,000 times your bet in the Daily Prize Drops Multiplier.
  3. Minimum bet per spin: Rp 500/ 500 ₫. For all other currencies, no minimum bet is required.
  5. The Pragmatic Play Sweet Bonanza 1000 & Sweet Bonanza Daily Cash Drop prize table:
Prizes Bet Multiplier
1 x1,000
4 x500
30 x100
235 x50
730 x10
3,000 x5


  1. Promotion Period: 5th June 2024 06:00 PM - 30th June 2024 05:59 (GMT+8) (“Promotion Period”).
  3. This Tournament is applicable for all currencies (except: INR).

  4. There will be total of 100,000 prizes and 4,000 prizes with a total value of USD/USDT 8,000 which will be given every day during this promotion period.

  5. The prize multiplier will be used to determine the final prize amount (bet amount x multiplier won). Bet big to have a chance to win up to USD/USDT 5,000 cash in a single spin.
    Bet amount: USD/USDT 0.5
    Multiplier won: x 500
    Prize Won: USD/USDT 250

  6. The max bet amount eligible for the prize calculation is USD/USDT 5. If the bet exceeds USD/USDT 5 the extra value over will not be used for the prize calculation.
    Bet amount: USD/USDT 8
    Bet amount eligible for prize calculation: USD/USDT 5
    Multiplier won: x 1,000
    Prize Won: USD/USDT 5 x 1,000 = USD/USDT 5,000

  7. The winners will be announced daily after tournament ended at 05:59 (GMT+8).

  8. General Promotion Terms and Conditions apply.

  9. General Terms and Conditions apply.

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