Wild West HILO Betting Rules


One single deck of 52 cards is used.  The card deck is made up of 4 suits as shown below;

Suit Symbol
Hearts Hearts Symbol
Diamonds Diamonds Symbol
Spades Spades Symbol
Clubs Clubs Symbol

Each suit has 13 cards of the following values; 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, Ace.

Non Numeric Cards Numeric Value
J 11
Q 12
K 13
Ace 14

Placing a Single Bet

  • Select your stake value either using the up and down arrows in the Stake field, or by typing the amount into the Stake field and pressing Enter or clicking on any blank area of the game screen. The amount displayed in the Stake field is the stake you are placing on a single bet.

    The default stake varies by currency. In this Euro example it is €1.00. The Stake amount must be within the minimum and maximum bet amounts (see 'What are the bet amount limitations and restrictions on play for Wild West HILO?'). If you enter a Stake larger than the maximum Stake allowed and click on New Game, the Stake reduces automatically. If your balance is more than the maximum Stake, the Stake drops to the maximum Stake value. If your balance is less than the maximum Stake, the Stake drops to your balance.  If you enter a Stake smaller than the minimum Stake allowed and press Enter, the Stake changes automatically to the minimum Stake value but if your available balance is less than the minimum Stake, you cannot place the bet.

  • Click on the New Game button and your bet will be placed. The Stake amount will then be removed from your available balance and the first card will be drawn.

During a game, the central Card Play area displays the last card drawn. The Pack display area (left of the Card Play area) shows the card deck and card history. You can use the left and right arrow buttons displayed to view the card history.

The 'Hi' and 'Lo' buttons are shown above and below the Card Play area. If you select 'Hi', you are betting that the next card drawn will be of a higher numeric value than the card displayed. If you select 'Lo', you are betting that the next card drawn will be of a lower numeric value than the card displayed.  If you place a Hi/Lo bet and the new card drawn is of the same numeric value as the card displayed, the bet loses.

The Suit selection area displays 4 card suit buttons. By clicking on one of these buttons, you are betting that the next card drawn will be of the selected suit.

The Colour selection area displays 2 buttons; 1 red, 1 black. By clicking on one of these buttons, you are betting that the suit of the next card drawn will be of the selected colour.

Winning Bets

The potential payout for Suit, Colour, and Hi bets is displayed below the associated button. The potential payout for Lo bets is displayed above the Lo button. Potential payouts are calculated by multiplying the current Pot value by the relevant odds value, (shown as a tooltip when you hover over a bet selection, eg 'Lo').

With each card drawn, the potential payouts increase. When a player bet wins, the value in the Pot field changes to the payout amount for the selected bet, the Collect button is activated, and the screen animates. The Pot field shows the current winnings available for collection.

To collect winnings and end the game, select the Collect button. The Pot value is then added to your balance and the game ends.

To continue the game after a correct guess, select another bet (Hi, Lo, a suit, or a colour). The Pot amount is used as the bet amount for the next card draw and another card is drawn.

If you place a losing bet prior to collecting your winnings, the Pot winnings are forfeited and the game ends. If you successfully draw all 52 cards from the pack, the game ends and you must collect your winnings.

Example: Table 1 shows the displayed card and the card that was drawn after it. Table 2 shows what the bet result would have been if a player had placed one of the bet types before the new card was drawn;

Table 1

Displayed Card New Card Drawn
Wild West HILO Displayed Card Wild West HILO New Card Drawn

Table 2

Bet Placed Result
Hi Lose
Lo Win
Spades Win
Red Lose


Theoretical %RTP (Return To Player)

Best Probability is the best probability of a winning event occurring.

Game %RTP For Each Card Drawn Best Probability
Wild West HILO 98%
Eg: the RTP of 2 cards drawn will be 98%² or 96%
1 in 1.41

Note: Potential wins above the maximum payout per bet allowed will be capped and this will adversely affect your %RTP. The amount will depend on your currency and stake selection.