Fish Prawn Crab Betting Rules

What is Fish Prawn Crab?

Fish Prawn Crab is a game where the player has to predict the outcome of the roll of the three dice. The player will be winner if his prediction is correct. There are two different betting regions that have different odds.

Below is the game scene after the player entering the game:

Fish Prawn Crab Entry Screen

Over a long period of time, Fish Prawn Crab is likely to average a return to player (RTP) of 96.30% of the total bets made.

Malfunctions of any sort (software or hardware) voids the play.

How to play

  1. Select the stake amount
    The chip area is located at the bottom of the screen. The player can swipe and select the desired chip value. To choose another amount of the chip, the player must go back to the chip area to change the value and then continue to place the bet as usual.
    Fish Prawn Crab Stake

  2. Select the betting option
    Tap the desired betting option. The chip will automatically appear in the betting option. Tapping the same chip value will increase the player's bet by the selected chip. The player can increase the stake until the value reaches the maximum bet of the table.
    Fish Prawn Crab Betting Options

  3. Win Amount and Bet Amount
    Display the win amount of the previous round and the bet amount of the current round.
    Fish Prawn Crab Amount

  4. Double
    Double up all the unconfirmed bets on the table.
    Fish Prawn Crab Double

  5. Re-bet
    Place the same bet(s) as the previous round.
    Fish Prawn Crab Rebet

  6. Clear
    Remove all the unconfirmed bets placed in all betting options.
    Fish Prawn Crab Clear

  7. Confirm
    Confirm all the bets on the table.
    Any bets placed after the Confirm button has been tapped must be followed by the Confirm button being tapped. If this is not done, then these additional bets will NOT be confirmed and NOT taken into the player's account.
    Fish Prawn Crab Confirm

  8. Betting time
    The Player must place and confirm bets before the 20-second Betting Timer expires. Betting is not allowed once the Betting Timer has expired.
    Fish Prawn Crab Timer

Betting Options and Paytable

The game table provides various betting options. The player can view all the available options and their corresponding win multiplier from the betting area.

Fish Prawn Crab Betting Options Place bet on prawn and tiger, the payout odds of 5 to 1.

Betting Rules

Betting Options Description Example
One Bet on a pattern and the result shows one pattern which you bet. The payout odds of 1 to 1. Fish Prawn Crab Single Dice
Two Bet on a pattern and the result shows two patterns which you bet. The payout odds of 2 to 1.
Three Bet on a pattern and the result shows three patterns which you bet. The payout odds of 12 to 1.
2 Dice Combo Bet on a combination with 2 dice and the result of 2 dice matches the combination. The payout odds of 5 to 1. Fish Prawn Crab 2 Dice Combo
3 Dice Combo Bet on a combination with 2 dice and the result of 3 dice matches the combination. For example bet on a combination of fish and prawn if the result show two fishes and one prawn or two prawns and one fish. The payout odds of 7 to 1. Fish Prawn Crab 3 Dice Combo


When you bet on combinations with 2 dice and win 2 Dice Combo and 3 Dice Combo, the system will only payout the odds of 3 Dice Combo.

Game Controls

Controls Description
Fish Prawn Crab Balance
Located at the right-top of the screen, display the player's current balance (Tap to hide/unhide balance amount).
Fish Prawn Crab Leave
Located at the left of the screen. Return to the lobby. The bet is confirmed which the result does not show up yet will be automatically counted.
Top Winners
Fish Prawn Crab Top Winners
View the top 3 players who make the most accurate prediction in betting and display the number of the users who are playing online.

Electronic Malfunctions

Any failure of the Player's equipment including but not limited to network connection or computer problems, will not void the game result. The Player can check their bet history on the Report section.

Any Operator system malfunction and/or hardware failure during Cash or crash will void the play, and the particular table will be closed.

Physical Malfunctions

In the event of a game being voided, all bets will be returned irrespective of the bet position and result.

The Operator reserves the right to reject SMART Players or any suspected SMART players and Card Counters.


If a Player wishes to make a complaint or dispute a game result, they must provide SBOTOP Casino with the date and time of playing, Table ID, dealer's name and Round number at the time of contacting SBOTOP Casino. Failure to do so will result in the complaint being rejected by SBOTOP Casino. Video image of card dealing is kept for 24 hours. Players must address their complaint regarding the dispute within 24 hours of the dispute occurring. Any complaints submitted after 24 hours will be rejected by SBOTOP Casino without further explanation.