Hot Shot Betting Rules

Game Overview

Hot Shot is a 'pinball' type game where the objective is to land the ball in a series of coloured buckets with different values attached to them. The player bets on which bucket the ball will land in by placing stakes onto the respective buckets colour. Pressing shoot will launch the ball up the shaft of the playing area where the ball will eventually fall through a series of pins placed in order to scatter the trajectory of the ball, varying where the ball will land. As the ball is in flight, the different coloured buckets move on-and-off screen coming in from the right and disappearing to the left in a conveyer belt-type movement, further varying the destination of the ball.

HotShot - Game Overview


The values of each bucket are as follows:

Bucket Colour Value (Multiplier)
Yellow X2
Blue X5
Red X10
Black X20

How frequent each bucket appears on the conveyer belt is respective of the value of each bucket, with yellow buckets (lowest value) appearing the most frequently, and black buckets (highest value) appearing the least frequently. The 'value' of each bucket relates to how high each bucket will convert the stake to winnings.

For example;

If a player bets a 1,000 chip on black and the ball lands in the black bucket, the player will win 20,000 i.e., 20x1,000= 20,000 (this includes the original stake).

Starting the Game

Once the game has loaded up, the player will be presented with the game screen. In order to start the game, simply select stake and press 'shoot'. This will engage the game.

HotShot - Starting the Game

Mobile game screenshot example

How to Play

Players can select their stake, represented as poker chips, by choosing the value of the chip from the list beside the coloured squares. Once players choose their chip value, they can place them on any given bucket by pressing the coloured squares. The player has the option to stack chips in order to increase their bet on any given bucket. The value of the bucket determines how much the player will win if the ball lands in that bucket.


  • Player selects the 5,000 chip and places 2 on yellow (x2 multiplier) and 1 on red (x10 multiplier). The total stake for this turn is 15,000 (10,000 on yellow, 5,000 on red).
  • The player presses shoot and the ball launches up the playing area.
  • The ball lands in the red bucket (x10 multiplier), winning the player a total of 40,000 (50,000 for the ball landing in the red bucket, minus 10,000 for the lost stake placed on yellow).


Player's total stake is represented at the bottom left of the game screen, with 'total stake' displaying the accumulated total value of all chips placed on the coloured squares.

When pressed the clear button removes all stakes from each coloured square returning the total stake to 0.

Win or Lose

The turn is won or lost depending on which bucket the ball lands in. If the ball lands in a bucket that has not been bet on, then the stake is lost. If the ball lands in a white bucket (no bets can be placed in this bucket), the stake is lost.

Game Controls

Game controls are as follows
Back Returns user to the casino library.
Clear Clears all stakes from the coloured boxes.
Info Game info box appears featuring bucket values and stake limits info.
Poker chip icon Opens list of stakes amounts to then be placed onto a coloured box.
Shoot Engages the ball to be fired up into the game area.

Likelihood of Winning

The Theoretical % RTP (Return To Player) for HotShot is RTP AS PERCENTAGE 95.23% .