Head or Tail Betting Rules

Head or Tail is a simple betting game that requires the player to choose between the two sides of a coin. The game is played through a toss of a coin that will show one side that will serve as a winning result.

Over a long period of time, the game is likely to average a return to the player of 97.50% of the total bets made.
Note: Malfunctions of any sort (software or hardware) voids the play.


How to Play

Head or Tail game
Figure 1: Head or Tail Game

To start the game, the player should choose between the two betting options which is the head or the tail. When the player selects his bet, the action buttons will be enabled. The player should select his desired stake amount that can be increased by clicking the (+) button, or decreased by clicking (-) button. These stake selection is located in the right side of the user interface along with the balance information.

Head or Tail opening the game
Figure 2: Head or Tail game upon opening the game

Head or Tail game with selected betting option
Figure 3: Head or Tail game with selected betting option

After selecting his bet and choosing his stake, the player can now click the Toss button to start a round or use the swipe guide to toss the coin. The player can change his bet every after round, and start to toss again. The toss button and swipe motion are the options to start playing the round.

Head or Tail a winning banner
Figure 4: Head or Tail game with a winning banner

The round will end every time that the tossing of the coin is done and the winning result is shown. Previous results will be displayed in the history panel.


System auto settlement

In the case where a player encounters network connection issue or any other issue that halt the gameplay after "PLAY" button has been clicked, system will wait for 24 hours for player to resume the game otherwise the system will automatically conclude the game.


Stake Betting

Head or Tail game uses this betting system:

Head or Tail stake betting
Figure 5: Head or Tail game stake betting

Head or Tail game available stakes are as follows:

1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000.

Once the stake has been chosen it will be shown on the stake box.

The chosen stake will be the stake amount that the player placed on the corresponding round. Unless the player chooses to change the stake value, the amount of the total bet will consider the current stake that the player had chosen.
Player can raise the stake by clicking on the right button (+) or reduce by clicking the left button (-).
Note: The list of the available stakes might change.


Head or Tail Game User Interface

Head or Tail user interface
Figure 6: Head or Tail Game User Interface

Parts of the Game:

A. Game Menu – this button is used to display the game information and the volume adjustment.

Head or Tail inside the information button
Figure 7: Inside the Information button of the game menu

B. Home Button – this button is used to close the current game and go back to the Games' lobby.

C. History Panel – this displays the previous result, bet, and payout.

D. Tail Betting Option – this is the selection to bet “Tail” illustrated with combined Chinese symbols.

Head or Tail betting options
Figure 8: Head or Tail game betting options

E. Head Betting Option – this is the selection to bet “Head” illustrated with a dragon.

F. Total Bet and Total Win Information – this is the area where total bet and total win is displayed.

G. Stake – this button changes the amount of stake. Clicking (+) will raise the stake amount, while clicking (–) will decrease the stake amount.

H. Balance – this is the area where balance information is displayed

I. Gaming Button Controls – these are the game controllers. Toss button is equivalent to play button, while Auto Toss button is played through automatic system.

Head or Tail game controllers
Figure 9: Head or Tail game controllers.

J. Auto Toss – this is the auto toss phase numbers selection, displayed the following number of toss 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and the x/cancel button.

Head or Tail auto toss numbers selection phase
Figure 10: Auto Toss numbers selection phase


Head or Tail Betting Options and Payout

The odds of the game is x1.95.