How do I deposit funds into my account using Skrill?

If you are using Skrill to deposit funds into your account, please follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in to your SBOTOP account and click on the Deposit & Withdrawal link located at the top of the page.
  2. Check that the Deposit tab is open from the top menu, and you will see a list of available payment methods shown on the page. Payment methods are generated based on your account currency, and may not support all currencies.
  3. Click on Skrill and enter the details as required on the page.

    You will be required to log in to your Skrill account for deposits to SBOTOP. Please ensure that your email address matches the one registered with Skrill.

  4. Click on the Make Deposit >> button to proceed.

    SBOTOP has to share your personal information with Skrill in order to complete the transaction. By clicking the "Make Deposit" button, you are consenting to SBOTOP sharing your personal information with Skrill.

  5. You may be requested to provide details as required on Skrill's website to complete the deposit process.
  6. If your transaction is successful, you will be redirected back to SBOTOP's confirmation page displaying all relevant details of your successful transaction.
  7. If your transaction is incomplete, rejected by our system or Skrill, the confirmation page displays all relevant details of your failed transaction.
  8. Click on the LIVE CHAT icon located at the top right corner of the page for instant help from our friendly advisors.

Terms & Conditions of Depositing Funds Using Skrill

  1. Any deposit of funds using Skrill shall be subject to the Terms and Conditions contained in the General Term & Conditions.
  2. The Customer (you) shall only use one (1) email address registered with Skrill for deposits to the Operator. In the event that the Customer wishes to change the email address or wishes to use a different email address, the Customer must first obtain the Operator's consent in writing.
  3. The Customer hereby agrees and consents to the Operator sharing the Customer's personal information with Skrill in order to complete any deposit from the Customer's Skrill account to the Customer's SBOTOP Account.
  4. If the Customer chooses to use Skrill 1-Tap to deposit funds into the Customer's SBOTOP Account, the Customer must log in to the Customer's Skrill account and enable the Skrill 1-Tap functionality for deposits to SBOTOP.
  5. When depositing with the Skrill 1-Tap method, the Customer is consenting and authorising SBOTOP to initiate the request to Skrill to debit the Customer's Skrill account with the pre-selected payment method for the amount entered and to transfer those funds to SBOTOP's Skrill account each time the Customer clicks on the "Make Deposit" button.