Instant Football Betting Rules

Instant Football offers fast virtual football gaming experience. The event starts as soon as the player places a bet. The player also can skip the current event and check the result right away. The 3D football games are in two formats:

League (Championship)
A series of association Football matches in 3D animation involving sets of 20 fictional teams. The matches are organized into 38-week leagues.

For each week’s matches, teams are paired in such a way that, at the end of the league, each of the 20 teams will have matched up against each of the opposing teams twice: one match at home and one away. Matches are divided into time slots as in Football games. Each match can be bet upon separately. Single, Parlay and System bets are also available.

This competition is divided in two phases: a group phase of 32 teams (8 groups of 4 teams) with two legs per match and a knockout phase of 16 teams (round of sixteen, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final), each match is played in two legs, except the final.

How do I place a bet in Instant Football?

To place a bet:

  1. Select a league or a champion from the main menu.
    Instant Football event menu

  2. Select a bet type and scroll down to select an event you wish to bet on.
    Instant Football select a bet type

    You also can tab the “>” to open up the whole menu. Click on the bet type and the odds of the desired team to place a bet.
    Instant Football open up all the bet types.png

  3. After you have selected the odds, the ticket window opens up. Click on TICKET to view your bet slips or click on SKIP to skip the current week and load the next one.
    Instant Football confirm tickit or skip.png

  4. You can choose to place Single, Parlay, or System and edit betting selections on the BETSLIP window. Enter the stake amount and click on BET AND KICK OFF to confirm the bet. You may also click on X to go back to the previous page.

    What is a single bet?

    Single bets are the simplest form of betting. You predict an outcome, specify the desired stake and place the bet. If your prediction proves correct, you win the bet. The winnings are calculated by multiplying the odds by the stake.

    What are parlay bets?

    If you place bets on two or more results (e.g. on two different football games), they are automatically displayed as a multi (parlay) bet. The total odds are calculated by multiplying the odds of all the individual picks. Please note that a multi (parlay) bet does not pay out anything unless all your picks turn out to be correct. With a multi (parlay) bet, you can combine up to twenty picks (for live bets: twelve picks) on various predicted outcomes

    What are system bets?

    As soon as you have entered at least three or more picks (up to eight) on the bet slip, you can place a system bet. To do so, click on the “System” tab at the top of the bet slip. The number of possible system bets depends on the number of predicted outcomes. The system bets possible with your picks will be displayed automatically. Each possibility is accompanied by an info button that you can click on for more info about the principle underlying the relevant system bet.

    The main difference between system bets and parlay bets is that you can win a system bet even if not all your picks are correct. For example, in the case of a 2/3 system bet, you win even if only two of your three predictions turn out to be correct. Please note that the amount of possible winnings displayed when you place your bet corresponds to the maximum winnings, i.e. in the above example, they payout if all three of picks are correct. In a system bet, combinations of picks are formed. An example is shown below:

    You have selected four different picks and opted for a 2/4 system bet. This means that you will be placing a total of six bets, since there are six possible winning pairs based on those four predictions. The stake per bet of EUR 0.50 is wagered on each of those six bets. According to the principle of the system bet, you win even if only two of the four predictions prove correct. The exact amount of the winnings depends on how many of the predictions prove correct.

    Next, you can see that the total stake for the system bet equals EUR 3 (6 x EUR 0.50). Once you have placed the final bet, the system bet will be displayed under “My account”/”My bets”. In the detailed view of bets, you can see the combinations formed with the four picks:

    The more correct picks you have in your system bet, the higher the winnings. If you fail to meet the system criterion (e.g. only one pick is correct in a 2/4 system bet), you lose the bet.

    The table below shows the maximum achievable bet win:

    Currency *Maximum Achievable Bet Win
    AUD (Australian Dollar) 150,000
    BDT (Bangladeshi Taka) 10,000,000
    CAD (Canadian Dollar) 200,000
    CNY (China Yuan Renminbi) 1,000,000
    EUR (Euro) 100,000
    GBP (Pound Sterling) 100,000
    HKD (Hong Kong Dollar) 1,000,000
    IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) 1,000,000
    JPY (Japanese Yen) 10,000,000
    KRW (South Korean Won) 100,000,000
    LKR (Sri Lankan Rupee) 15,000,000
    MYR (Malaysian Dollar) 500,000
    NIO (Nicaraguan Cordoba) 3,000,000
    NOK (Norwegian Krone) 1,200,000
    NZD (New Zealand Dollar) 100,000
    PHP (Philippine Peso) 5,000,000
    SEK (Swedish Krona) 1,200,000
    THB (Thailand Baht) 5,000,000
    TWD (New Taiwan Dollar) 5,000,000
    ZAR (South African Rand) 1,200,000
                         *Maximum Achievable Bet Win – The largest amount can be won on a single bet.

  5. You can click on the bet slip icon from the top menu to view your bet history.