Virtual Racing Betting Rules

Sign in to your SBOTOP account and click on the 'Virtual Sports' tab located at the top of  the page.
Select Virtual Racing on the left panel of the page and you will see the current raceday's information, including the live video and the race calendar at the top of the main page.

The events with the Play symbol Virtual Horse Racing play symbol.png on the race calendar are all the ongoing races.

Virtual Horse Racing events with play symbol.png

The events with the countdown and a small Play symbol Virtual Horse Racing play and countdown symbol.png are the races about to begin and soon will be close for betting.



Virtual Horse Racing events with countdown and play symbol.png

The rest are the events that are open for betting.

At the bottom of the main page is the latest event which is open for betting. You may switch to any of the other events on the race calendar to place a bet.

Virtual Horse Racing events open for betting.png

To place a bet:

    1. Select an event - You may bet on the latest event or any of the other events which are open for betting from the race calendar.

      Virtual Horse Racing select an event.png
    2. Select a bet type and adjust the stake amount - Select the bet type and click on the odds of the desired horse to place a bet. The bet types we currently offer are Win and Place. You may do multi-click to add up the amount or switch to other chips to change the adding amount. You also can click on "Undo" to return to the previous step or click on "Clear All" to clear all bets.

      Virtual Horse Racing select a bet type and adjust the amoun.png

      Win: When you place a bet on a horse to win, your bet pays only if your horse finishes in first place.

      Place: When you place a bet on a horse to place, your horse needs to come in first, second or third place for you to win.


    1. Place the bets - After you have chose the bet type and adjusted the betting amount, click on PLACE BET.

      Virtual Horse Racing place bet button.png

      A ticket will show up with all the betting details, click on Confirm Now to submit the bet or click on X to re-enter the bet.

      Virtual Horse Racing ticket.png

      The table below shows the maximum achievable bet win:
      Currency *Maximum Achievable Bet Win
      AUD (Australian Dollar) 150,000
      BDT (Bangladeshi Taka) 10,000,000
      CAD (Canadian Dollar) 200,000
      CNY (China Yuan Renminbi) 1,000,000
      EUR (Euro) 100,000
      GBP (Pound Sterling) 100,000
      HKD (Hong Kong Dollar) 1,000,000
      IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) 1,000,000
      JPY (Japanese Yen) 10,000,000
      KRW (South Korean Won) 100,000,000
      LKR (Sri Lankan Rupee) 15,000,000
      MYR (Malaysian Dollar) 500,000
      NIO (Nicaraguan Cordoba) 3,000,000
      NOK (Norwegian Krone) 1,200,000
      NZD (New Zealand Dollar) 100,000
      PHP (Philippine Peso) 5,000,000
      SEK (Swedish Krona) 1,200,000
      THB (Thailand Baht) 5,000,000
      TWD (New Taiwan Dollar) 5,000,000
                           *Maximum Achievable Bet Win – The largest amount can be won on a single bet.
  1. View your betting history - Click on My Bets from the left menu or the top menu to view your bet slips.