Lucky Keno Betting Rules

Game Overview

Pick your lucky numbers and get ready for Keno with a twist. Lucky Keno is super simple to play, and all you need to do is choose 1-10 lucky numbers between 1-80. Then, watch as 20 numbers are drawn; the more matches you have, the more you win.
But, the real surprise is... if you are playing 10 numbers at a time, then an additional 3 lucky numbers are drawn by the game at the same time. If you match all 3 lucky numbers, you get to spin the Multiplier Wheel that could multiply your bet amount by up to 100 times. The Multiplier Wheel win amount is added to your main game original win amount. Lucky Keno is available on desktop and mobile.

Lucky Keno game entry scene.jpg

Game Features

Multiplier Wheel:
The Multiplier Wheel will open if all the Lucky Numbers are matched (The Multiplier Wheel is only relevant when 10 numbers are being played). The Multiplier Wheel will allow you to win up to 100 times your bet amount that will be added to any wins from the original round.

Lucky Keno multiplier wheel.jpg

Playing the Game:

  1. Set your bet for the next round by clicking on the +/- buttons located in the 'Bet' box.
  2. Choose 1-10 numbers on the board or choose a pattern of 10 numbers by clicking on the 'Pattern' button. The paytable located on the right side of the screen will indicate the prize amounts based on the bet amount and the total numbers chosen.
  3. To start the round, hit the 'PLAY' button. You can also hit the 'Quick Play' button to skip the animation and see the final result. The round can also be initiated using the 'Autobet \ Autoplay' option.
  4. At the beginning of the round, if you have selected 10 numbers, an additional 3 Lucky Numbers will be chosen randomly by the game and shown in gold.
    Next, 20 numbered balls will be drawn.
  5. Based on the amount of "HITS" (matches) of your numbers and those drawn, you will win the amount according to the paytable.
  6. If the 3 Lucky Numbers are matched, the Multiplier Wheel will open, and you will be able to SPIN the wheel and win up to 100 times your bet amount on top of any other regular winnings from that round.
  7. When the round is finished, you can either hit the Play button to start a new round with the same configuration, or you can choose a new pattern.To clear all the numbers, hit the Clear button and then choose new numbers

Payout Rules

  • Winning combinations and payouts are calculated according to the game's 'paytable'. The paytable is located on the right side of the game and changes according to the amount of numbers chosen and the bet amount.
  • The Multiplier Wheel bonus game will be activated when playing the maximum amount of numbers, i.e., 10 and when all 3 Lucky Numbers have been matched in a single round.
  • The golden lucky balls that act as the Lucky Numbers are chosen automatically by the game at the start of each round if you are playing the maximum of 10 numbers. The Lucky Numbers can be part of the 10 chosen numbers or separate numbers.
  • The wins from the Multiplier Wheel are added to any winnings from the regular round that initiated the Multiplier Wheel round. The formula for the Multiplier Wheel winnings is calculated as follows: Multiplier Wheel Value X Bet Amount.
  • Malfunction voids all wins.

Game Paytable

The paytable below reflects the game payout multipliers based on the amount of Hits / Matching Numbers between those selected and the numbers drawn.

The formula for calculating winnings is: Payout Multiplier X Bet Amount = Payout (Winnings)
For example: You are betting $1 while playing 10 numbers and match 8 numbers. The payout will then be: 400x (bet multiplier) X $1 (bet amount) = $400

Lucky Keno game paytable.jpg

Reality Check

The reality check control alerts you as to how much time you have spent playing the game. The time interval can set by visiting 'My Account' through the host casino's website.
*The reality check is mandatory under the UKGC regulation.
The popup message displays the amount of accumulated time spent in the game, from the moment the game is launched until the popup appears.
The alert message will popup in the middle of the screen based on the defined time interval and will stay on the screen until you choose one of three actions:

  • Continue – You will return to the game being played.
  • Go to account – You will be redirected to your user account on the host website. In desktop mode, your account will open in a new window\tab. On mobile, the game screen will change to your account and will exit the game.
  • Quit game – This will exit the game and return you to the games lobby.

Lucky Keno reality check window.jpg

General Information

Game Type Keno
Numbers On The Board 80
Regular Win Multiplier 10,000x
Multiplier Wheel - Max Multiplier 100x Bet Amount
Return to Player 80%
Hit Rate (Optional) -
Default Denominations By Vendor
Full-Screen Support Yes
Sound Control Yes
Mobile Support Yes