Rush City Betting Rules

The objective of the game is to survive the chasing phase while getting all of the pellets in a maze. Get a payout and a chance to chase back the Mafias by getting a power up. Avoid being caught by the enemy three times to be able to reach the next level, and finish the game before there is no life left.

Over a long period of time, the game is likely to average a return to the player of 98.55% of the total bets made.


How to Play

Rush City select the maze
Figure 1: Rush City upon opening the game with maze selection

To start the game, the player have to place the desired stake amount to bet, together with the coin value through clicking the (+) to increase and (-) to decrease. It cannot be adjusted once the game started, unless the game is paused the stake and coin value selection will be enabled.

If stake amount is 10 coins
Coin Value is 0.1
When the player win x100 multiplier.
The total win is Stake * Multiplier * Coin Value
Which is 10 coins * 100 * 0.1 = 1000 coins

The game will show 1,000 coins but because of the 0.1 coin value, the real winning amount is 100.

After the bets are placed, the player will have to select one out of three mazes available. Each maze have the same number of pellets.

Rush City game in normal mode
Figure 2: Rush City game in normal mode

Rush City have three lives available. Once the player enters a maze, the main game scene will begin after the countdown. The player will have to use the game controller that is displayed in the lower right side of the screen to navigate the movement of the character. Aside from this the player can also navigate through keyboard arrows or a mouse, and for mobile, tapping motion will also be recognized. The player can get all of the pellets all over the maze by passing through, while running from the Mafias, this phase is in the normal mode.

Rush City getting a power up and a multiplier
Figure 3: Rush City game while getting a power up and a multiplier

Each corner of a maze have power ups Rush City power up symbol that works for two uses:

  • It contains a payout based on a multiplier.
  • It changes the phase to fear mode, wherein the player can fight against the Mafias by chasing them instead.

Rush City game in fear mode
Figure 4: Rush City game in fear mode

The game also has three kinds of bonus symbols which will appear randomly:

  • Turbo bonus symbolRush City turbo bonus symbolincreased the speed of the player for (10 seconds), and the chasing phase will start automatically.
  • Freeze bonus symbolRush City freeze bonus symbolfreezes the Mafias so it cannot chase the player for (10 seconds), and the chasing phase will start automatically.
  • Shield bonus symbolRush City shield bonus symbolgives the player the immunity, it will just be destroyed once encountered by the Mafia but it has the ability to be invisible for three seconds.

Rush City getting a shield bonus symbol
Figure 5: Rush City game with the player got a freeze bonus symbol

When the player got all of the pellets and still have a life left, the game will step up to another level. In this game there are five levels, the higher the level the more bonus symbols and Mafias will appear.

Rush City game total win
Figure 6: Rush City game total win


Stake Betting

Rush City game uses this betting system.

Rush City stake bettin
Figure 7: Rush City stake betting

Rush City available stakes are as follows:

10, 50,100, 500 and 1000

The chosen stake will be the stake amount that the player placed on the corresponding round. Unless the player chooses to change the stake value, the amount of the total bet will consider the current stake that the player had chosen.

Player can raise the stake by clicking on the right button (+) or reduced by clicking the left button (-).

The stake amount is converted to coin value(s).

Note: The list of the available stakes might change.


Rush City Game User Interface

Rush City user interface
Figure 8: Rush City game user interface

Parts of the Game:

Rush City game is composed of elements such as:

Rush City game menu
Figure 9: Rush City game menu

A. Setting Button – this is used to display the game information button along with the speaker button.

B. Life Count – this shows the amount of remaining life of the player.

C. Duration – this shows the time left for the duration of bonus symbols and power ups.

D. Game Level – this shows the level that the user plays.

E. Home Button – this button is used to close the current game and to go back to the Games’ lobby.

Rush City game controller
Figure 10: Rush City game controller

F. Controller – this is used to navigate the movement of the character in the game.
Note: The player can also navigate through keyboard arrows, clicking by a mouse.

G. Coin Value Selection – this is used to convert the stake. When it is changed, it will affect all of the game amounts.


Rush City play and pause buttons
Play and Pause

Rush City resume button
Resume Button

Rush City new game button
New Game button

Figure 11: Rush City action buttons

H. Action Buttons

  • Play - this button is used to start the round with the selected maze after the bets are placed.
  • Pause - the button is used to pause the game while the player can also adjust the stake and coin amount.
  • Resume - this button is used to resume the game after being paused, this will be seen in the pause bar.
  • New Game - this button is used to play a new set of game, this will be seen in the pause bar.

I. Total Win Textbox - this is used to display the winnings when the player catches a Mafia and gets a power up.

J. Stake Selection - this is used to change the amount of stake. Clicking (+) will raise the stake amount and (–) to decrease.

K. Balance Textbox - this is the area where the available balance of the player is displayed.

L. Total Bet Textbox– This displays the real amount of bet. Stake amount multiplied to coin value: 10 coins * 0.01 = 1.00


Rush City Betting Options and Payout

These are 10 multipliers payout amount of Rush City:

Rush City pay table
Table 1: Pay table of Rush City