Dangdut Queen Betting Rules

Dangdut Queen is a 30 lines and 5 reels video slot game that features 3 optional free games with the Dance to the Beat bonus game for the player to experience an exciting and thrilling game play.

The average expected of long term return to player (RTP) percentage is 96.7%.

How to Play

  • Select the bet amount per line
    At left bottom of the player's UI, there is a BET window which may be used by the player to adjust the bet amount by clicking Dangdut Queen reduce.png symbol to reduce and Dangdut Queen raise.png symbol to raise the amount of bet per line. The player has to click the coin or the bet amount first to adjust his bet. Upon clicking, the player can use the mouse wheel to change his bet. Upward to increase and Downward to decrease.
    Dangdut Queen bet.jpg
  • Select the number of lines
    The Number of Lines menu can be accessed just beside the BET amount menu. The Player may raise the number of lines played by clicking the Dangdut Queen raise.png symbol or to reduce it by clicking the Dangdut Queen reduce.png symbol. The player has to click the line or the number of lines first to adjust the lines. Upon clicking, the player can use the mouse wheel to change the number of lines. Upward to increase and Downward to decrease.

    Dangdut Queen line.jpg

  • Start the Game

    The Player may click on the Spin button or press on the [spacebar] key on the keyboard to spin the reel and start the game.

    Dangdut Queen spin.png

Auto Spin

The Auto Spin function allows the player to play more than one game without having to continually click on the SPIN button. Auto spin will continue for the number of the pre-selected spins number. The number of spins left will be displayed in the left side of the Spin button as information.

Dangdut Queen autospin.png           Dangdut Queen autospin 500.png           Dangdut Queen autospin 499.png

The Auto Spin may be started by pressing the SPIN button after the player selects the desired amount of spins. To stop the Auto Spin, the player may click on the STOP Dangdut Queen stop.png button.

Turbo Spin

The Turbo Spin function allows the player to play the game in a faster mode. Once it is enabled, the Turbo Spin mode will prevail until the player chooses to disable it. To enable the turbo spin the player has to click on the Settings menu in the upper left corner of the screen below the Info button.

Dangdut Queen setting.jpg

Dangdut Queen turbo disable.jpg        

Info Menu

More information can be accessed by the player from the INFO Menu at the top left of the game. After the player click on the INFO button, there are several options will be displayed in a pop up window, such as: HOW TO PLAY, GAME RULES, PAY TABLE and PAY LINES.

Dangdut Queen info menu.png

    • “HOW TO PLAY” information menu
      The following information are available, such as: normal spin, auto spin, bet and lines, gamble game, the legend of gamble betting and bonus game information.


    • “GAME RULES” information menu
      The RULES page provides clear information regarding the Game's General Rules, Free Spin Rules, Dance to the Beat Bonus Rules and the Gamble Rules. Aside from that, all features rules are also further described here. It includes how to trigger it and the prize multiplication amount.


    • “PAY TABLE” information menu
      The PAY TABLE provides a description of the symbols that being used inside the game including the payment amount that can be triggered during the game.

      Dangdut Queen pay table wild.png     Dangdut Queen pay table free spin and bonus.png

      Dangdut Queen pay table instrument.png    Dangdut Queen pay table letters and numbers.png


  • “PAY LINES” information menu
    Dangdut Queen is a 30 lines game. The details of each line can be displayed by clicking the PAYLINES menu.

    Dangdut Queen pay line.png

Other Tools


Sound Setting

Player will be provided with the functionality to mute the sound.

Dangdut Queen sound.png

Gamble Feature

Gamble feature can be activated by clicking the Gamble symbol with a condition that the player must win any line on the current bet.

Dangdut Queen gamble symbol.png

Gamble symbol will appear if the player wins any line.

How to Win

To win, player must match the symbols on a winning line as listed in PAY LINE or trigger a feature by spinning the required symbols. Dangdut Queen is a 30 lines game which allows the player to bet on all or any number of lines from 1 to 30.

Dangdut Queen game example 1.png

Gamble Game Feature

The Gamble Game option will be available if there is a certain winning combination as a result of the regular spin. The gamble button (located at the upper portion of the spin button) is enabled and the player has the option to gamble his/her winnings. The player is required to choose one poster. The player could double his/her winnings or lose his/her winnings including the original bet.

Dangdut Queen game example 2.png
Clicking the gambleDangdut Queen gamble button.png button, the gamble scene will appear.

Dangdut Queen pick a poster.png

The player will win the gamble game if the chosen poster contains the Dangdut Queen logo.


  1. A single payout per winning line.
  2. A symbol can contribute to one or more winning lines. The win line payouts are accumulated.
  3. The value of any payout is displayed in the WIN area.
Game Payouts (Winning credits per symbols on a selected line)
Symbols Winning Direction 1 Symbol 2 Symbol 3 Symbol 4 Symbol 5 Symbol
Wild Symbol Left to Right 0 0 0 0 0
Nine Left to Right 0 0 5 10 100
Ten Left to Right 0 0 5 15 100
Jack Left to Right 0 0 10 15 100
Queen Left to Right 0 0 10 15 100
King Left to Right 0 0 10 20 200
Ace Left to Right 0 0 10 30 200
Bonus Symbol Left to Right 0 0 15 35 300
Flute Left to Right 0 0 20 50 300
Guitar Left to Right 0 0 30 100 800
Microphone Left to Right 0 0 35 100 800
Drum Left to Right 0 0 50 100 1200
Scatter Symbol Left to Right 0 2 5 10 50

Wild symbol

Wild symbol is the substitute for all symbols in Dangdut Queen except Scatter symbol which only appears in reels 2, 3 and 4.

Dangdut Queen wild symbol.png

Bonus Symbols

During the free spin, bonus symbols on reel 1 and 5 trigger the Dance to the Beat Bonus game.

Dangdut Queen bonus symbol.png


System Auto Settlement

In the case where a player encounters network connection issue or any other issue that halt the gameplay after "SPIN" button has been clicked, system will wait for 48 hours for player to resume the game otherwise the system will automatically conclude the game.