How do I use the bet slip to place bets in sports?

Understanding the Bet Slip

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  • Remove Single Selection
    Click on the X button of each selection to remove it from your bet slip.
  • Bet Selection
    Displays information on the bet selection you are making, including the betting market, the selected bet option, and the odds price you are making the bet at.
  • Stake Limits
    Check the minimum and maximum stake amount you can bet for each selection.
  • Stake
    Enter a stake amount in the Stake box. 
  • Max Payout
    Check the total estimated payout you could possibly win with the selection you have made on your bet slip.

Making Bet Selections

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  1. Sign in to your SBOTOP account and click on the Sports tab located at the top of the page.
  2. Select a sport (e.g. Football) from the events menu on the left to view the events offered for betting.
  3. Scroll to the betting market you wish to place a bet on and click on the desired team or player option to add the selection to your bet slip.

    Betting Markets: Toggle between the date tabs (e.g. Today) to view events for a specific day. 

    View All Markets: Click on the [+] button with the blue numbered box on the right of the bet options to view all betting markets available for betting for that event.

  4. Click on the desired team or player option to add the selection to your bet slip.

    Bet Selection: Each time you add a selection to your bet slip, the selection will be highlighted on the betting market panel to indicate that it has been added to your bet slip.

  5. Check the information displayed on the bet slip to ensure that the bet details are correct.
  6. Enter your bet stake for the selection and click the Place Bet button to place a bet. Our system is only able to accept whole numbers as stake. Decimal amounts like 7.50 or 6.68 are not supported.

    Your bet is accepted by our system and not allowed to be cancelled once you click on Place Bet to confirm the bet. 

Reading Your Bet Receipt

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  1. Check the information displayed on My Bets to ensure that the bet details for each selection are correct.

    Bet Ref (ID): A unique reference number used for identifying each bet.

  2. Check the total number of bet selections and total stake amount you have made of your bet slip and the estimated payout you could possibly win for the bet.
  3. Check the bet you have made by expanding the My Bets panel below your bet slip or by clicking on My Bets from the top menu.