Cops & Robbers Betting Rules

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How to play

Cops and Robbers is a 3 x 3 scratch game taking place in the streets of crime.

  1. To play Cops and Robbers , first you need to place a bet. You can adjust the amount of your bet by using the arrow buttons on the sides of the bet display Press the button marked ‘Buy Ticket’ or press the SPACE BAR to buy a ticket.
  2. Reveal what is below the covers. This can be done two ways. You can either scratch each cover or you can reveal them all by clicking on the ‘Reveal all’ button. A press on the SPACE BAR will activate the ‘Reveal all’ function.
  3. Once you have revealed what is hiding inside the squares, check to see if you’ve won. You can do this either by checking that there are 3 matching symbols or by looking at the bottom of the screen on the ‘WIN’ box.

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The Pay-table

The symbols in this game are the win sums of the current bet X a multiplier.

Tier Multiplier
0 No Win
1 X1
2 X2
3 X4
4 X5
5 X10
6 X20
7 X50
8 X100
9 X200
10 X1,000
11 X10,000

Reality Check

The reality check is a message window informing the player of the time he spent on the current game session.
The reality check is reappearing every set time interval.
The time interval are set at the player account, on the hosting web site.
The reality check screen displays the time spent from the start of the current game session.

The player is offered three options:

  • Continue – return to game.
  • Go to account – opens account web page
  • Quit game – exit game and return to host web site
    Cops and Robbers reality check window.png

RTP Information

RTP Information
Return to Player 94.8%
Minimum win amount 0.5 X 1 multiplier
Maximum win amount 10 X 10,000 multiplier