Royal Charm Betting Rules

Game Overview

Royal Charm is a 3X3 scratch game with a special feature that allows you to double your winnings.

Royal Charm game entry scene.png


How to Play

  1. To play Royal Charm, first you need to place a bet. You can adjust the amount of your bet by using the plus and minus buttons on the sides of the bet display.
  2. To use the Bonus Feature, place the Royal Charm on one of the nine squares or click the Random button on the bottom right side to place the bonus symbol randomly. To change the location of the Royal Charm symbol, just click on the "Place your charm" button on the left side of the screen.
  3. Now click on the "PLAY" button to start your game.
  4. Reveal what is under the nine squares. This can be done in two ways you can either click on each square to reveal what under it or you can click The "Reveal All" button on The bottom right of side to reveal them all together.
  5. If you find three identical symbols, you will win the price according to the pay table on the right side of the game. In case that you won three identical symbols and the Royal Charm symbol was on one of the winning symbols, you will have a chance to double your winning by choosing one of three treasure boxes; 125% prize, will multiply your winning by 1.2, 150% prize, will multiply your winning by 1.5 and 200% prize, will double your winning. The Royal Charm feature will not be valid in case you won the two highest multipliers; the "Green Hand" and the "Golden Seven".


The Pay Table

The Pay table in this game acts like a key, explaining the value of each symbol in the game. The win amount displayed is the result of the current bet amount times the symbol multiplier.

Precious Gem Multiplier
No Win 0
Royal Charm x1 multiplier symbol.png x 1
Royal Charm x1 multiplier symbol.png x 2
Royal Charm x5 multiplier symbol.png x 5
Royal Charm x10 multiplier symbol.png  x 10
Royal Charm x50 multiplier symbol.png x 50
Royal Charm x100 multiplier symbol.png x 100
Royal Charm x200 multiplier symbol.png x 200
Royal Charm x1000 multiplier symbol.png x 1,000
Royal Charm x10000 multiplier symbol.png x 10,000


A Look Inside

a. Starting Screen


b. Winning Screen

Royal Charm winning screen.png
Here you can see that the player has a winning symbol combination


c. Royal Charm Bonus Screen

Royal Charm bonus scene.png


d. Pay Table

Royal Charm pay table.png


e. Royal Charm Help Screen

Royal Charm help screen.png


Reality Check

The reality check is a message window informing the player of the time he spent in the current game session.
The reality check is reappearing every set time interval.
The time interval is set in the player account on the hosting website.
The reality check screen displays the time spent from the start of the current game session.

The player is offered three options:

  • Continue – return to the game.
  • Go to account – opens account web page
  • Quit game – exit game and return to host website

    Royal Charm reality check window.png

RTP Information

RTP Information
Game Type  3 x 3 Scratch card
Number of symbols 9
Return to Player 85%