How do I set a limit for the total amount of stakes I play?

The betting budget feature allows you to limit your total stakes for any 7 consecutive days. For Classic Games, lowering of the Max Betting Loss will take effect immediately. Raising of the limit requires approval from the Casino and a 7-day cooling-off period before coming into effect. The Max Loss Limit can only be deactivated by contacting SBOTOP Support Team. Your total stake amount is unlimited by default and to activate the betting budget feature, please follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in to your SBOTOP account and click on the Account link located at the top of the page. Navigate to the Betting Budget page to activate the feature.
  2. Select the Active checkbox and enter the amount you wish to set as the total stake limit.

    Once activated, you will only be able to place bets that are not exceeding this stake limit amount you have set for a period of 7 consecutive days. The Betting Budget cannot be deactivated once it has been activated.

  3. Check and ensure that the stake limit is correct and click on the Confirm button to save your settings.

    Once you have activated the betting budget feature, you can always click on the Betting Budget page to view details of your betting budget limit.